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Pharmaceutical business is a business that must be carried out with great responsibility, care and professionalism. Since the medicines stored and supplied are used to save lives of millions,a business that carries out the same must always be able to live up to the quality expectations and benchmarks of the society at all times. Having realized this as a business, RK Pharmaceuticals has ventured into the field of supplying original medicines and medical equipment from highly venerated brands from across the world. We have carried out extensive and deep researches into the medical and pharmaceutical market of Tanzania to understand its requirements and the support it needed. It is based on these insights and business intelligence we drove from the researches that we are making our entry into one of the most challenging and responsible businesses.

RK Pharmaceuticals has ventured into the industry with its operations focusing on retail and wholesale through the outlet established at the center of the busy pharmaceutical market Kariakoo. The outlet has been equipped with the required storage capacity, technical infrastructure and professionalism to ensure that the increasing demands for medicine and medical equipment are constantly met and catered to.

What makes us different from the rest of the businesses in the same field is our ability to understand the importance of delivering services in ways and means that satisfy the requirements of the clients at all times. We have endowed our service deliverance with matchless commitment towards top-notch quality, value-deliverance and client satisfaction with each order we get.

However, our services are widely sought-after in the market not just because we are able offer top-notch quality but due to our hard-work to deliver a confluence of service qualities that are hard to find with other players in the business.

+ Professional approach to deliver unrivaled value for their investments
+ A myriad of service solutions matching the exact needs of the clients
+ Affordable and excellent scale of economy with each order delivered
+ Experienced and professional team to support the clients all the help they need
+ Round-the-clock customer service that’s both professional and amicable

As a responsible business that wants to offer excellent service to all our clients, we are also looking to expand our business operations by establishing a variety of pharmaceutical outlets throughout Tanzania. Having understood the potential of the market and the demand for medicines from top-notch and trusted brands, we are here to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry of the country. RK Pharmaceutical(TZ) Ltd is already working on a range of business expansion and growth strategies to make sure that we outrun the competition to become the most venerated, trusted and value-delivering pharmaceutical business operating in the Tanzanian market.

Leveraging on the already established relationships with some of the most trusted and reliable brands that manufacture original medicines and medical equipment, we work extremely closer to the client and the market so that we always create a win-win situation at all times.



Plot No. 1&2, Vingunguti Industrial Area, Nyerere Road
P.O. Box 325, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

+255 222 862 572


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