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New & Used Trucks,Trailers and Transportation

In the transportation business,We have an extensive fleet of trucks that are ready to meet all the domestic & Transit transportation requirements of the clients no matter where they are in the Dar−Es−Salaam city.

The company has also become the leading distributor of the international accredited European truck brand SCANIA and Asian truck brand HOWO. It acts as a symbol of trust for the brand for the exceptional service that we have been delivering our clients and suppliers with. RK Chudasama Ltd is one of the most venerated brands selling new and used trucks in Tanzania. Both these brand are highly regarded and sought-after by customers from all corners of the market due to its flawless track record, customer support system and the economy of scale it can deliver to each of the clients no matter the scope of their service deliverance.

With effective and affordable service deliverance plans and systems in place, we know you would love our support now and more.

Spare Parts & Lubricants

As a company that operated in the business spectrum, we have realized the importance of providing high quality and excellent complementary Products to clients of all sizes when it comes to spare parts. RK Chudasama Ltd is an authorized dealer of genuine and high quality spare parts, tyres, heavy duty batteries and lubricants for all kinds of vehicles.


We are the exclusive distributer of one of the leading indian brand Amaron batteries in the country. We have ensured that all our clients get the best products. We tied up with amaron batteries, one of the best, most appreciated and trusted brands of batteries in the country.

Commercial Warehouse

Having recognized the importance of creating effective business and commercial place to complement the growth of the economy, we have constructed a range of mega commercial and warehousing facilities at the prime location off the Port of Dar-Es-Salaam. This warehouse provide excellent ease of access, storage capacity and effortless inbound and outbound logistics. As per the requirements of the clients, the place can be rented or leased. We have diverse plans regarding the warehouse to offer maximum value to the investments of the clients.

We have a variety of commercial warehouses across the country available to be rented or leased as per the storage requirements of the clients. The company owns over 50 acres of land in the city of Dar-Es-Salaam and it has developed the site for attracting potential investors and manufacturing industries to take advantage of the space available. The area is exceptional for effective warehousing and staff accommodation as per the requirements of the clients.



Plot No. 1287/84, Zaramo street,
P.O. Box 325, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

+255 222 130 601

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